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The Creed of the Church of ScientologyIntroduction
Chapter 1 Defining Religion in a Pluralistic Society
Chapter 2 Doctrine of the Scientology Religion
Chapter 3 The Religious Practices of Scientology
Chapter 4 Scripture and Symbols of the Scientology Religion
Chapter 5 Organizations of the Scientology Religion
Chapter 6 Scientologists' Community Activities
Chapter 7 L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology
List of Scientology Churches and Missions

Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREE The Religious Practices of Scientology
While the goal of salvation—expressed in Scientology as Total Freedom—is common to all religions, Scientology offers mankind a precise and practical route to attaining it through personal revelation. This route, called Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom,” follows a specific sequence of levels of spiritual awareness attained as the Scientologist participates in the two central practices of the religion – auditing and training.
Theology & Practice of a Contemporary Religion - Scientology

The Scientology religion embodies a rich tradition of ceremonies, rites and services. Yet the religious practices of auditing and training are by far the most significant. They are the sine qua non of Scientology, for they light the path to higher states of spiritual awareness and ability and, eventually, to spiritual salvation.

While Churches of Scientology hold congregational services to celebrate religious holidays, perform rites of passage and acknowledge other significant dates and events, the essence of Scientology lies in the distinctive methods by which its principles can be applied to the betterment of individual lives.


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