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The Creed of the Church of ScientologyIntroduction
Appendice 1 The Theological Fundamentals of the Scientology Religion
Appendice 2 Scientology An Analysis and Comparison of Its Religious Systems and Doctrines
Appendice 3 Scientology The Marks of Religion
Appendice 4 Scientology Its cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies
Appendice 5 Scientology An analysis and Review of a New Religion
Appendice 6 Scientology And Contemporary Definitions of Religion in the Social Sciences
Appendice 7 Scientology a true Religion
Appendice 8 Scientology The Relationship between Scientology and Other Religions
Appendice 9 Official Recognition of Scientology as a Religion
Appendice 10 Books by L. Ron Hubbard On Scientology
List of Scientology Churches and Missions

The Factors The Factors

Summation of the considerations and examinations of the human spirit and the material universe completed between A.D. 1923 and 1953.

1 Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.

2 In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.

3 The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint.

4 The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points.

5 Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is: viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is space and a point of view.


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